Who’s Next at $100?


Suggested Donation Amount:

$100.00 USD

All amounts gladly accepted




This is a total volunteer effort and we are reaching out to all of our friends and associates to ask for your support. KCMJ 93.9 FM is a brand new community radio station. It is nonprofit and non-commercial. The only way we can keep on running is through financial support from you and me. The station is 100 watts of power. We are asking you to “adopt a watt.” We are asking for a $100 tax deductible contribution. Essentially, a $100 donation helps us pay for 1 watt of power to make sure that we can make sure the station thrives.  KCMJ’s mission is to inform, engage, entertain, and empower the citizens of our community. Our programming will meet community needs that are unmet by corporate media. We will explore issues in greater depth and with more respect for diverse perspectives. KCMJ will be extraordinarily inclusive and local. We’ll celebrate the best of our community and strive to improve the rest. We will be a voice for justice and a platform for the marginalized. A contribution from you would mean a great deal to us. It will help us purchase and maintain one watt of power leading to greater community empowerment.

$500Lisa Wheeler

Olimometer 2.52


$200Carolyn Cathey



$250 Scott La Barre
$100 Jessica Beecham
$200 Eric Woods
$100 Barbara Muse
$100 Robert S Johns
$100 Stephen Tchudi
$100 Keith Simon
$100 Linda Mooney
$600 Kevan Worley
$100 Daria Wilber
$100 Peggy Gardner
$100 Independent Film
Society of Colorado
$100 Bob Kinsey
$100 Scott Olson
$100 Alpha Noel
$100 Carol Parpas
$100 Valerie Rosenkrantz
$100 David Leshane
$100 David Anderson
$100 Athena Roe
$300 John Ravetti
$300 Olga Anson
$100 Charlie Searle
$100 JL Fields
$100 Gregory Cook
$100 Rhonda D. Blain
$100 Beenie Mann
$275 Cole Jones
$100 Sanford Lee
$100 Marcy McNeill
$100 Linda Dyer
$100 Betty Olsen
$100 Rodd Winterrowd
$100 COPPeR
$100 Thelma Peck
$100 Jennifer Bostick
$100 Val Samuelson
$400 Godec’s Photo Supply
$100 Jay Billups Creative Enterprises
$100 Robbie Marus
$100 The Burrowing Owl
$100 TecWares
$100 Crystal Griffin
$100 Laura van der Pol
$100 Roland Stone
$400 Fotios Burtzos

The Colorado Media Justice Foundation appreciates every gift to the KCMJ 93.9 FM Colorado Springs Community Radio. We have made every effort to accurately show donations given to the Adopt-A-Watt campaign since its launch on May 5, 2015.