2015 on Front Range Radio

What a great year I had on Front Range Radio, so many wonderful guests appeared on the show.  Balanced Rock started the parade and I ended the year with Maxine and the Eskimo Brothers, in between Hydrogen Skyline, Sound Studies, Smith House, Joe Johnson, Escaping Pavement, Franklin Manor, Katy Graves, Jesse Cotton Stone, Exit West and many more performed in the KCMJ studio.  Join me Sunday Dec 27th at 7pm, as I relive some of the in studio performances of those who stopped by Front Range Radio in 2015.

2015 Front Range Radio

Fear not just because the calendar changes to 2016 in a few days, I will continue to welcome many more local and national artists to Front Range Radio.  A bonus for 2016, I will try to have more video recordings of the artists performing in the KCMJ studio, but the biggest news will be KCMJ will be broadcasting on the FM dial at 93.9 in late January.  I hope you will join me at Stargazers Theater on January 29, 2016 for the “Flippin Party” celebrating our flipping of the switch to begin broadcasting on the FM dial.

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