Colorado Springs & Community Radio

Colorado Springs & Community Radio

Does Colorado Springs Want (or Need) Community Radio?

The current membership/crowdfunding campaign is, in effect, a referendum. We are in the process of finding out whether the people of our city want to have their own radio station enough to invest a mere $25 each.

Two things are necessary for this referendum to be meaningful:

1. People need to know about it
2. People need to understand what Community Radio is

We’re doing all we can to accomplish both these. Of course, you can help, by sharing word of this campaign. In the interest of having a clear understanding of what Community Radio can be for Colorado Springs, here are a few resources:

Video: Basics of Low-Power FM and Community Radio

Video: How Did We Get Here and Where are We Going?

Radio Program: KCMJ Founders Discuss Their Vision for the Station

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