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Join the growing team of dedicated volunteers planning, building and programming Colorado Springs’ first and only community-powered radio station.

On-Air Volunteer Application – Get your start as a DJ!

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Opportunities Include:
Bookkeeping, Membership Database Management, Newsletter Editing, News Staff, Program Producers & Hosts, Fundraising, Event Organizers, Publicity, Social Media Outreach, Governance, Facilities and Engineering.


To download a program proposal see the bottom of this page.



In addition to managing a specific portfolio of affairs, you will report to, and have a voting position on, the KCMJ Leadership Team


DEPARTMENT HEADS (Team Coordinators)


Station Promotion Coordinator

Leads a small team who develop and manage our “brand” and how we communicate that to the community. Oversee on-air promotion, social media, event sponsorship and advertising.


Fundraising Coordinator

Leads a small team who plan and execute fundraising campaigns; manage underwriting sales, grant research and applications; and membership records and campaigns.




Schedule Coordinator

Learn and run the software that makes our programs run on schedule. Assist the Music and Public Affairs Program Directors in making programming decisions, and coordinate a small team working behind the scenes to provide programming and other content on a consistent, reliable schedule. A member of the Programming & Production Team.



Grant Researcher/Writer

Identify grant opportunities and write grant applications. Opportunity for compensation. A member of the Fundraising Team.



Administrative Assistant

This is the perfect job for someone who doesn’t want to make executive decisions, just wants to help KCMJ make forward progress. Works closely with the KCMJ’s General Manager and the Board of Directors to make them more effective. Schedules meetings, gathers information, monitors to-do lists, and makes sure we follow up on the things that need followup. Attends Leadership Team meetings.



Call 719-570-4684 or  to learn more about volunteering.

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For on-air & programming volunteer opportunities, complete one of the forms below.

KCMJ Program Proposal – We can’t wait to hear your great programming ideas! Please note that it takes a village to run a community radio station. Program hosts are part of the KCMJ family, pitching in where needed to keep the station operating. If you don’t have time to help run the station, this is probably not going to be a good fit for you.