KCMJ’s mission is to inform, engage, entertain, and empower the citizens of our community.

Our programming will meet community needs that are unmet by corporate media. We will explore issues in greater depth and with more respect for diverse perspectives. KCMJ will be extraordinarily inclusive and local. We’ll celebrate the best of our community and strive to improve the rest. We will be a voice for justice and a platform for the marginalized.


KCMJ 93.9 FM is a brand new community radio station. It is non-profit and non-commercial.

Colorado Media Justice Foundation was founded in 2011 to launch and manage this station. On February 6, 2014 we received our FCC permit to construct a low-power FM station to broadcast at 93.9 FM.

KCMJ 93.9 FM is member-supported and volunteer-run.

We began playing programs on the internet September 21, 2013, slowly adding more local, original programming as we trained volunteers and brought hosts and producers on-line. We began broadcasting over the airwaves in 2015 when  we met our capital campaign fundraising goal.

The broadcast signal originates in southeastern Colorado Springs. At 100 watts, the signal will reach an approximate 10-mile diameter reception area. We’ll serve the rest of the community via internet, at www.kcmj.org. In the future it may be possible to increase our power.

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